The Kibo Code Quantum Review

Course Title – Kibo Code Quantum
Course Content – Premium Ecommerce Training and Mentorship Program
Trainers – Aidan Booth & Steven Clayton
Course Modules – 8 Modules
Course Duration – 8-Weeks
Registration – Click Here To Join (Limited Early-Bird Access)
Payment Methods – PayPal, Credit/Debit Card payments
Official Website – Click Here

kibo code program reviews

Online circles and forums are abuzz with the Kibo Code Quantum 2021 program and you must be feeling left out. Are you wondering what this program is and what is so special about it?

Wonder not, as the Kibo Code Quantum Review will tell you about my experience with the first edition of this program.

But first, let us take a quick look at what Kibo Code Quantum is.

Who Are the Minds Behind Kibo Code Quantum?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are influential stars among eCommerce affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs. These two are known for their innovative eCommerce training applications and successful digital marketing solutions.

However, recently the dynamic duo launched a more advanced training program that yields a high return on investment (ROI for short). The program has been tested and endorsed by many distinguished marketers in the digital industry.

Who is Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth?

Steve Clayton is an eCommerce expert who has years of knowledge in digital marketing. After managing and leading a few exceptional organizations, he opted to launch new business ventures with Aidan Booth.

Aidan Booth has always been incredibly talented with his digital marketing strategies and has worked in partnership with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. After deciphering what sales tactics, products, and trends work for eCommerce platforms and which ones do not, he decided to bestow this majesty with the world in the form of comprehensive digital training courses.

How Does the Kibo Code Quantum work?

Before we dive into the proven system behind the Kibo Program, here is an interesting fact that Aspiring Kibo students should be aware of, first:

New Kibo students should expect a top-of-the-line, expert-level mentorship from founders Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton via the Kibo Code Quantum online training curriculum.

…More about what to expect from the Kibo Code Quantum program in the “Bonuses section” down below!

For anyone who missed the original 2020 Kibo Code program, we expect the new version to relatively match the same core process as the original Kibo e-Commerce business model.

That being said, here’s how the Full Process works, Step-by-Step:

  • Using the tools that the Kibo Code program has handy, students will get a generic website domain.
  • You will be fully assisted to set up a store with a preloaded site and high-converting theme.
  • You’ll then learn then how to pinpoint and upload profitable products using new 2021 Kibo software (from a selection of about 3 Million items).
  • You load up the website with different product listings (no image or text creation required).
  • Steve & Aidan will then instruct you on how to send instant (FREE and/or PAID), targeted using untapped methods.
  • When sales are made, USA-based suppliers will deliver products directly to your customers.
  • (orders get delivered FAST as they’re not coming from China, and you never touch ANY inventory or buy anything upfront).

Lastly, optimize the site by picking the most profitable merchandise and eliminating those that do not sell well, and keep on scaling up, replicating the process over and over to identify additional winning products, whilst simultaneously increasing profits.
Of course, there are additional elements too. However, this is the basic process.
And the best part is…

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If you decide to join the Kibo Code Quantum Mentorship program, you will receive extensive training, software, proven storefront & product pages, ‘best-sellers’ product databases, and identification tools, a control center, Permanent Coaching, 24/7 support, private community, and a whole LOT more to “escape the technology barrier” and make building, running, and scaling a new e-Commerce business even Faster and Easier for new Kibo Code Quantum students.

To get a clear idea about the Kibo Code Quantum 2021, we would all be wise to attend the Free Early-bird Workshop Training.

What’s Inside the Program (Modules)?

This information is based on the 2020 Kibo Code program, but the new Kibo Code Quantum program will be similar, aside from potential name changes by all indications.

KIBO CODE QUANTUM Module 1- Central Intelligence.

In the first module, Steve and Aidan give the basics of marketing through step-by-step videos.

● You will receive an A-to-Z guide to study in each section of the Kibo Code Quantum program.

● Kibo Code Quantum will show you how to get your first income within 48 hours.

● You will learn product pricing tactics.

● They will also hand over “inner-circle secrets” that Aidan and Steve used to build their 7-figure business.

KIBO CODE QUANTUM Module 2-StoreStorm

Note: this is the most crucial module of the entire Kibo Code Quantum program. The software will help you launch your eCommerce shop in less than a minute by adding a beautiful theme to your new website.

● Kibo Code Quantum will help you launch an expertly designed website that enables you to produce income.

● Theme X, a proven theme to convert, relevant traffic into SALES.

KIBO CODE QUANTUM Module 3-Hand-Picked Products

In the third module, Aidan and Steve will tell you their five most valuable products to jumpstart the sales and make income. This module will help you redeem your course fee back into your pockets in no time! You only need three products from this list to make around $2500 per day. This module will:

● Help you choose money-making products.

● Help you start pulling in $2500 per day within the first few weeks.

KIBO CODE QUANTUM Module 4-Profit Vault

The Profit Vault reveals an extensive list of exceptionally profitable products to the Kibo Code Quantum students, such as yourself. Many students love the most about this module because it will teach you how to delve deeper to discover a gold mine of more than 3 million lucrative products. This module will:

● Point out the most lucrative products for you that also have low competition.

● Show you the suppliers who house, ship, and do the grunt work for you.

KIBO CODE QUANTUM Module 5-Traffic Black Box

The Traffic Black Box Module will teach you how to generate heavy relevant traffic to your eCommerce store. This module will:

● Help you take advantage of the significant search engines to get traffic without SEO or pay-per-click ads. This is one way Quantum allows traffic without additional cost.

● Help you find cost-effective clicks and highly lucrative sales.

● Instantly generate buyers’ leads.


This module is centered on searching for the ideal products that attract customers and deliver you a better profit! This module will even help you automate all the processes!

● You will get direct access to the domain name finder, where you will obtain a relevant domain address.

● Help you brand your business by helping you create a memorable logo. (No design knowledge required)

● The automated store publishing software is included in this module and will help get your website up and running with ease.


When I asked previous students about Aidan’s programs, all of them mentioned the founders’ timely support given to the students. Kibo Academy’s only purpose is to help you clarify your doubts and enhance your performance. By using the Kibo Code community, you can also get help from other students and tap into the success other students had with the program. This module will give you:

● E-mail based 24/7 support center on giving the most excellent support for Kibo Code Quantum students (24 hours a day / 365 days per year).

● Access to the exclusive Kibo Code Quantum community and mentorship.

Upcoming Bonuses of Kibo Code Quantum Program

Aidan and Steve won’t be offering any worthless bonuses as others do. We’re talking about bonuses that range from outdated eBooks to illegal (pirated) courses that will put you a million miles away from the Kibo Code Quantum program itself. Such bonuses lead to overthinking and procrastination and should be avoided at all costs.

Everything you need to master is in the primary system. Everything else is redundant, distractive, or not something you should worry about until you have created a profitable platform.

Bonus 1: The Secret Mastermind

This is perhaps the most valuable bonus of the entire Kibo Code Quantum program. You will get superior workshops with additional methods, formulas, and plans worth $4997. This will assist you in living in the e-commerce market by forming advanced outlines.

Bonus 2: Kibo Code Live Recordings

You will be given full recordings of Our Life events with guest speakers and inner circle intrigues. This bonus is worth $3997 and will provide developing content opportunities according to your pace and needs.

Bonus 3: 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

You will receive exclusive training that teaches you how to grow your business to a seven-figure business. This grants you a particular way to earn money through e-commerce.

For more Kibo Code Quantum bonus details, visit the official website here!
Kibo Code Quantum Program Vs Other E-Commerce Programs.
You may be asking yourself right now… have I not seen this type of thing before? Is this not just regular eCommerce?

NO- this is different. Very different

You know WHY? read the following section.

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Kibo Code Quantum is a remarkably unique program with its software that uses the potential of algorithms to empower e-commerce business owners. Unlike the other e-commerce programs that offer a tedious process where you still need to deal with various problems like store set up, advertising campaigns, foreign suppliers, inventory management.

Another thing is with the Kibo Code Quantum you will get an exclusive mentorship from Aidan and Steve, they will help you build your dream eCommerce business from beginning to end while other eCommerce programs will teach you a few things and leave you out in the middle of nowhere.

It all boils down to this, all the things inside the Kibo Code Quantum program look superior compared to the other programs in the market.

What Happens During The 8 Weeks Of Training

Week – 1

In the first week, you begin the process of setting up your very own online shopping store.

1. Get a high-quality domain
2. Build an online shopping store using Shopify
3. Set up domain with Shopify
4. Set up contact information for your store
5. Set up pavement processors for your store

Week – 2

The second week is all about making your online shopping store look professional.

1. Connect “Theme X” to your store
2. Learn Shopify settings
3. Set up pages and navigation
4. Add placeholder products
5. Set up Google Ads & Merchant Center
6. Set up Microsoft Ads & Merchant Center
7. Set up Google Shopping Feed app
8. Set up Bing Shopping
9. Set up Loox Reviews App

Week – 3

In the third week you make your first sale using hand-picked products.

1. Reset “Theme X”
2. Set up Google Ads accounts
3. First Google Shopping Ad
4. Set up Google Analytics
5. Make sales using 5 handpicked products

Week – 4

In the fourth week you learn the process of traffic scaling and optimization.

1. Set up Google Ads columns
2. Google Shopping optimization
3. First Microsoft Shopping Ad
4. Returns, refunds and cancellations
5. Tracker App

Week – 5

In the fifth week you use some traffic generation methods that help drive visitors from unique untapped sources.

1. Find products to sell from Banggood
2. Product Branding
3. Set up Microsoft Ads Columns
4. Microsoft Shopping Optimization
5. Microsoft Ads Search Brand Campaign
6. Google Search Brand Campaign

Week – 6

In the sixth week, the attention shifts to Facebook marketing.

1. Facebook Business Manager
2. Facebook Pixel Setup
3. Create Facebook Catalog
4. Facebook Custom Audiences
5. Facebook Retargeting Ad
6. facebook ad Columns

Week – 7

The seventh week is focused on additional marketing techniques like Klaviyo and Wheelio.

1. Klaviyo Sign Up
2. Wheelio Sign Up
3. Google Suspension Report
4. Abandoned Cart Email Sequence
5. Newsletter Email
6. Customer Thank You Email

Week – 8

In the final week of training you begin using a ROAS bidding strategy.

1. Target ROAS Bidding strategy
2. Google Pixel Updates
3. Facebook Pixel Updates

Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code Quantum System


  • Simplified learning– Kibo Code Quantum system doesn’t involve any complex technologies as the creators wanted to take a more accessible learning approach. It provides skills to the students in a language they can easily comprehend, making it quick and easy to grasp.
  • No investments- It does not require the student to buy a product manually but provides ways to earn profit over the sale hence, attracting more participants
  • Guidance of experts– It enables the participant to reach out to expert marketing professionals to get guidance on techniques of running a successful e-commerce business. The creator’s Steve and Aidan also reveal some of their tried and tested golden rules of marketing which helped them make a fortune.
  • Reduces the workload– According to the Kibo Code Quantum reviews, it takes the burden of creating a business website from scratch-off from the participant’s head and offers additional services that reduce workloads such as inventory management and advertising costs.
  • A convenient way of generating income– With the Kibo Code Quantum program, you can get your first earnings as early as 2 days into the program. It is especially beneficial for anyone who is a beginner in the field.


  • High-pricing– It may not be affordable for all types of students because of highly-priced modules and longer course duration.

Kibo Code Quantum Pricing:

Coming to the course pricing, the 8-week Kibo Code Quantum business model program is set for $3497.

The student can either pay the fee directly or deposit it in installments. Each installment of the fee costs about $1167.

My Final verdict on kibo Code Quantum Review

The internet is highly saturated with both free and paid ecommerce training program that claim to help you venture into this highly competitive arena. However, hardly any of them can give you value for your money and time. It is only once in a blue moon that courses like Kibo Code QUANTUM turn up, that offer you value, a hundred times over, for the money, time and effort you are going to put in. When such opportunities turn up, you don’t think twice, but just jump on board.

There is no doubt that the Kibo Code QUANTUM is going to be even bigger and better than the first iteration. And since I have prior experience with the first version of the program, I would gladly recommend you to join the program. Besides there hasn’t been a more ideal time to venture into eCommerce. Due to the pandemic, the risk is currently low and the chance to make a profit is immensely high. The soaring number of online sales in the US alone, is testament to that.

kibo code quantum

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